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Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Did you know many people have viruses on their computers and don’t even know it? Computer viruses and malware programs are far more sophisticated now than what they used to be. It’s possible you could have a virus on your computer that logs keystrokes or log your credit card information as you’re typing into websites.

A computer virus is usually a small piece of code hidden within another seemingly innocent program that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs or files, and that usually performs a malicious action (such as destroying data). There are two categories of viruses that are common today – macro viruses and worms. Emails or copied files from viruses infect computers can easily spread viruses to other computers.

When you encounter unusual activities on your computer such as pop-ups, redirects or other strange behavior, first step is to confirm if you have a virus or malware. Your computer might be infected if you observer strange behavior such as:

  • Your computer has gotten much slower than it used to be
  • You see pop-ups and/or redirects when browsing internet
  • You are unable to print and encounter printing errors
  • You see distorted menus and dialog boxes
  • Applications on your computer don’t open or work
  • You are unable to access disks or disk drives
  • Your computer stops responding or locks up often
  • Your computer crashes and restarts often

This list is not exhaustive by any mean but it is intended to provide you some basic information. IF you suspect that you may have a virus or malware, next step would be to call us at Iomada Solutions to have your computer professionally checked and for virus removal.

We are located in West Des Moines and serve communities throughout central Iowa. Our rates are very affordable and reasonable and we offer same day virus removal service. Our standard service includes scanning your computer and then removing all malicious and harmful software. Once removal is done, we re-scan your computer to make sure it is clean.

Some of Viruses and Spyware we removed:

  • FBI Virus
  • Windows Police Pro
  • Windows PC Defender
  • Personal Anti Virus, Personal Security Pro
  • Google redirect Virus
  • Alpha Antivirus
  • XP Security Tool
  • Think Point and more…

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